Sunday, January 29, 2012

1 Year Ago - a Look Back

Unfortunately, life got too crazy for me to keep up with my project 365. Someday I hope to start a new one and come up with a process that allows me the time for a daily photo. My downfall I think was in the posting, I didn't always have time to upload, edit if I felt so inclined, and post on my blog or flickr. And in retrospect, I was too focused on having a perfect photo each day, however, when looking back, some of my favorites were those not so perfect ones taken on my iPhone or photos that simply triggered a memory or emotion. So for those of you who are toying with the idea of taking on such a project, or struggling with the advice? Stress not. Simply take a photo, any photo, with any device and do not stress over the imperfections.

But that being said, one of my favorite benefits of the project is the visual journal you are left with at the end. Looking back and recalling what I did on a certain day, or revisiting something beautiful I was lucky enough to stumble across. Over at Shutter Sisters today, Kristin inspired us to look back and see what we were doing on this day, January 29th, one year ago...a day which has no significance to me off the top of my head. But when I dug into my archives and found this photo, I was instantly transported to that lazy relaxing weekend cruising around town, and hanging out at Starbucks with lattes in hand and enjoying each other's company. I remember taking this photo not only because I felt so happy, but I was also pleased that my name was spelled correctly (trust me people struggle with this often).

:: January 29, 2011 ::

And today one year later, was spent exploring the beaches of Laguna Beach, again just the two of us. Playing in the tide pools, people watching, observing family photo shoots, window shopping along the artsy streets...and soaking in the bright, sunny, beautiful day. With my iPhone camera, polaroid camera, Nikon, and of course my one and only Brent... Perfection! 

:: January 29, 2012 ::

Any idea what you were doing January 29, 2011? Very different or similar to today? Missed you all, I expect to back on track with regular blogging soon. Love you all! xo

P.S. my simple pleasures for the weekend were:

Laughing until my sides hurt & tears ran down my eyes
Spending time with dear friends
Breaking a bundt cake but channeled Tim Gunn and 'made it work'
Sleeping in past 8:00 AM!
Watching other photographers in their element
3 hours of boardgames
A much needed text message from a dear, dear friend
Swimming 65 laps without taking a break

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