Sunday, January 30, 2011

Found Heart

This was the first time I have ever gone to the beach to search for heart-shaped rocks. I was surprised at easy it was to find them! This was my favorite, and it only took me about 5 minutes. ♥

I Am...

I am a cancer survivor.
I am a daughter.
I am a seeker of beauty.
I am a cat lover.
I am a romantic.
I am a photographer.
I am a creative soul.
I am a writer.
I am a foodie.
I am a baker.
I am a lover of words.
I am a friend and a girlfriend.
I am me.

What defines you?

Project 365 - January

Project 365 - January's photos!! As some of you know, I started my first Project 365 last July. I didn't miss a single day, and I loved it. But in December, I struggle between whether to complete that Project, which would end in July 2011, or start a new one January 1. In the end I decided to start fresh, and complete a full 365 Project from January 1-December 31 2011. For me the most amazing parts of this project are
1. The improvement I see in my photography by practicing everyday.
2. The way it opens my eyes to the beauty all around me. I look at everything so differently, noticing things I may have otherwise missed.

You can see my Project on Flickr HERE.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


"A quiet mind cureth all" -Robert Burton
Some weeks are tougher than others. Sometimes for me it feels like I am wading through mud, pushing hard, getting stuck, unable to move. Recently I have been really frustrated with my health issues, and really afraid that my entire life will be one giant doctor's appointment. Lately it has been a lot of little things: cyst removal from my forehead, damaged toenail, weird nose thing, new hip pain etc. etc. Isn't cancer & treatment, 4 knee surgeries, and chronic unexplained back pain, and osteoporosis enough for my 23 years?

But so is life...lots of ups and downs. And I always look forward to the plan-free weekends, for a little peace & quiet, recharging, and a whole lot of nothing. I hope you can steal some quiet time just for YOU this weekend, if even a few minutes, soak it in and enjoy. ♥

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Gentle Giant

Today I was sitting on the beach with Brent soaking in the beautiful day when I got a text message from my mom saying "Clyde died last night." 6 years ago we got Bonnie and Clyde together as puppies, both Bull Mastiffs.
Clocking in at close to 200 pounds and head the size of a basketball, Clyde was nothing more than a big baby. He would sit on your lap if you let him, place his paw on your hand, and rest his head on your lap. The only time he would lick you is if you put your nose directly up to his, he would give one or two licks right on your nose.
He died peacefully in his sleep. He will be missed so much, he was such a sweet baby and anyone who met him fell in love instantly.
I bought these daffodils for Clyde today. I walked around the store staring at all the flowers and these called out to me. They have always been such happy flowers to me, and with the loss of a pet I try to focus on all the good memories.
I am incredibly grateful for the joy brought by the relationship with a pet. Losing them is so hard, but all of them hold such a special place in my heart. Goodbye, sweet Clyde.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching Up With Coffee

Time for a little coffee date! I have gotten really good with Brent's espresso machine and I am liking the strong espresso taste more and more. In college my drink of choice was an extra sweet vanilla latte or caramel macchiato, now I prefer the not sweet plain latte or cappuccino, nice and strong. But I can make vanilla lattes, macchiatos, mochas, or even peppermint mochas...what can I make you?

If we were meeting for coffee, I would ask how your weekend was. Do anything exciting or just relax? Eat anything yummy? Get in some laughs? Ours was relaxing. Saturday night we saw the movie "The Fighter" and tried out a delicious new burger homemade buns I have had in a long time. The movie was really good, the cast was what made it for me. I had to stand in the back of the theater for half of it back pain was making me squirm around in my seat like crazy and felt bad for the people behind me.
Sunday we met Kaitlin and Jordan at the beach, the boys surfed and Kait and I watched, took photos, and admired the beautiful sunset. Every time I see a pretty sunset like this, it feels like a brand new experience because no two are alike. The colors, the clouds, the clarity, the way it changes after the sun disappears behind the horizon.
Yesterday, I was picking up my uncle from the train station, and I pulled up 5 seconds before the train pulled in front of my view. But for an instant, I could see the ocean on the other side of the tracks as the sun illuminated a crashing wave making it glow bright green. The train came and hid the sight, but it made me appreciate these moments...the moments you see such beauty only nature can provide. The moments that will never be replicated exactly, the moments that build upon each other and string together a mental library of images of how incredible this natural beauty truly is.
If we were meeting for coffee I would ask you if you saw the Oscar nomination list. I get so excited for the Academy Awards every mom and her best friend used to throw a big party where everyone made themed food relating to the movies. Brent and I have done this on a much smaller scale the past few years, but I enjoy it very much. I like that there are now 10 Best Picture nominations instead of 5, and I hope to see them all before the show.

Then I would share with you some things that made me laugh this week:
I saw this commercial yesterday and I could not stop laughing
I was browsing the app store in itunes and found this Girl Scout Cookie Locater App. Haha yes, I did download it. Before you make fun of me, it was free, and curiosity got the best of me. There are none being sold currently, must be off season...but this could be very dangerous...

Yesterday I was watching TV and somehow got completely sucked into the VH1 Behind the Music of 50 Cent. It was fascinating!! Did you know he used to be a meth dealer, and then when got into music he chose the name because it represented a 'change'. Did you know he got shot in the cheek and still has a bullet fragment lodged in his tongue and that is why he kind of talks and sings the way he does? Ohh guilty pleasures...I'm a sucker. Have you been watching Teen Mom 2? If you thought last season was intense...

I hope you have a great week, and thanks to Amy for hosting coffee this morning.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 Favorite Photos

These are my favorite photos from 2010. I hope you enjoy them!

2010 Favorite Moments - In Photos

This was taken in the boat on the Sea of Cortez during
the cruise with Brent's family.
::I Love You::
My wonderfully silly, caring, supportive, loving,
smart, amazing boyfriend Brent.
Taken at a wedding, we attended a few very fun weddings, including a traditional Indian ceremony! Don't miss the hilarious dance video from the wedding and Brent's moves here.
::Still Laughing::
This photo was taken in Denver. Talk about being scrappy!
23 this year. I was spoiled and had multiple celebrations...with my aunt and
uncle, with my dad, joint birthday dinner with my mom, and trip to the
wine bar with our wonderful friends Jordan and Kaitlin.
::Winter Wonderland::
In August Brent and I joined friends and my brother at
the Stone Brewery Festival.
I was lucky to go on two trips this year.
The first was a cruise to celebrate Brent's parents' joint birthdays. Private
chartered yacht in La Paz, Mexico for 4 days. Just Brent's parents,
his sister and brother and law, and the captain and his wife. Amazing!
The Second was the family reunion of my uncle's family in Granby, Colorado.
My first trip to CO, it was so beautiful and an unforgettable week!
My mom and brother... dad
::Summer Days::
2010 I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. It was a major milestone, and the celebration was so fun. My aunt and mom set up many surprises for me, including my favorite transplant nurse showing up for the party. You can read about that day here. Can you see how happy I was? ♥
::Let's Do it Again::
Tried my hand at surf photography, had a lot of fun with it!
(Surfer - Jordan Cross)
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation annual Bid with the Kids Fundraiser.
Entered my first photo contest, and won 4 honorable mentions! Will definitely try it out again! (on this poster, mine are the first and third)
Attending the USC Homecoming game.
My first college football game, the school spirit was incredible
::Autumn Harvest::
I took Tracey Clark's Picture Fall class, such a fun experience.
::Miss You::
We lost Jazz at age 18. He was so loving all the way to the end,
and is greatly missed.
::Just Because::
2010 I met Tubby Longstockings. She is a Main Coone cat and owned by a neighbor of Brent's. He has her trained so she never leaves the steps in front of the house, she is the biggest, sweetest, softest thing and I visit her every chance I get! I love me some fat cats.
Love you Tubbs.
Needs no explanation.
::Hopes and Dreams::
2011 sounds like a lucky year to me. This year I hope will be the year that things start to shift for me. I hope my back pain finally improves. I hope to get the ball rolling for finishing school. I hope to realize my biggest dreams and make them a reality. Photography, cancer patients, creativity, and health are my passions, and I hope they can all be woven into my life.
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