Saturday, January 29, 2011


"A quiet mind cureth all" -Robert Burton
Some weeks are tougher than others. Sometimes for me it feels like I am wading through mud, pushing hard, getting stuck, unable to move. Recently I have been really frustrated with my health issues, and really afraid that my entire life will be one giant doctor's appointment. Lately it has been a lot of little things: cyst removal from my forehead, damaged toenail, weird nose thing, new hip pain etc. etc. Isn't cancer & treatment, 4 knee surgeries, and chronic unexplained back pain, and osteoporosis enough for my 23 years?

But so is life...lots of ups and downs. And I always look forward to the plan-free weekends, for a little peace & quiet, recharging, and a whole lot of nothing. I hope you can steal some quiet time just for YOU this weekend, if even a few minutes, soak it in and enjoy. ♥


  1. I hope things get better! You have such a positive outlook. Like you, I love plan free weekends!

    I'm going to go try to steal those few minutes alone now, the baby is napping, and my husband is on his way home from out of town. Going to make a cup of coffee and sit in silence. :)

  2. Remember that your pain is of the body and that our hearts and minds are so much stronger than our bodies sometimes! Although I know you already know that..... :)


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