Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365 - January

Project 365 - January's photos!! As some of you know, I started my first Project 365 last July. I didn't miss a single day, and I loved it. But in December, I struggle between whether to complete that Project, which would end in July 2011, or start a new one January 1. In the end I decided to start fresh, and complete a full 365 Project from January 1-December 31 2011. For me the most amazing parts of this project are
1. The improvement I see in my photography by practicing everyday.
2. The way it opens my eyes to the beauty all around me. I look at everything so differently, noticing things I may have otherwise missed.

You can see my Project on Flickr HERE.


  1. I love how you present these. Such a great idea.

    Xo tam

  2. have some stunning images. I love the collages, but would also like to see them one by one. Day 10 jumped out at me as did 19 and 25.
    I guess I can see the Jan-Dec challenge, but winter is so difficult. I like having that part of the challenge in the middle for myself and heading back out towards warmth and color.
    I look forward to your next check in.

  3. Wow! You have some truly amazing photos here! Makes me wish I didn't hate flickr so I could get a closer look. Haha. But I enjoy the collages very much!

  4. These are all so FABULOUS!! I'll be back to see more. I also really enjoyed your photostream on Flickr. So glad you linked up for the January check-in so I could "meet" you!

  5. what lovely shots you have here.

  6. So many great and varied shots. My eye instinctively went for the oreo. Yum.

  7. How beautifully creative are your images - I can see the thought you put into each one - congatulations


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