Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 Favorite Moments - In Photos

This was taken in the boat on the Sea of Cortez during
the cruise with Brent's family.
::I Love You::
My wonderfully silly, caring, supportive, loving,
smart, amazing boyfriend Brent.
Taken at a wedding, we attended a few very fun weddings, including a traditional Indian ceremony! Don't miss the hilarious dance video from the wedding and Brent's moves here.
::Still Laughing::
This photo was taken in Denver. Talk about being scrappy!
23 this year. I was spoiled and had multiple celebrations...with my aunt and
uncle, with my dad, joint birthday dinner with my mom, and trip to the
wine bar with our wonderful friends Jordan and Kaitlin.
::Winter Wonderland::
In August Brent and I joined friends and my brother at
the Stone Brewery Festival.
I was lucky to go on two trips this year.
The first was a cruise to celebrate Brent's parents' joint birthdays. Private
chartered yacht in La Paz, Mexico for 4 days. Just Brent's parents,
his sister and brother and law, and the captain and his wife. Amazing!
The Second was the family reunion of my uncle's family in Granby, Colorado.
My first trip to CO, it was so beautiful and an unforgettable week!
My mom and brother... dad
::Summer Days::
2010 I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. It was a major milestone, and the celebration was so fun. My aunt and mom set up many surprises for me, including my favorite transplant nurse showing up for the party. You can read about that day here. Can you see how happy I was? ♥
::Let's Do it Again::
Tried my hand at surf photography, had a lot of fun with it!
(Surfer - Jordan Cross)
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation annual Bid with the Kids Fundraiser.
Entered my first photo contest, and won 4 honorable mentions! Will definitely try it out again! (on this poster, mine are the first and third)
Attending the USC Homecoming game.
My first college football game, the school spirit was incredible
::Autumn Harvest::
I took Tracey Clark's Picture Fall class, such a fun experience.
::Miss You::
We lost Jazz at age 18. He was so loving all the way to the end,
and is greatly missed.
::Just Because::
2010 I met Tubby Longstockings. She is a Main Coone cat and owned by a neighbor of Brent's. He has her trained so she never leaves the steps in front of the house, she is the biggest, sweetest, softest thing and I visit her every chance I get! I love me some fat cats.
Love you Tubbs.
Needs no explanation.
::Hopes and Dreams::
2011 sounds like a lucky year to me. This year I hope will be the year that things start to shift for me. I hope my back pain finally improves. I hope to get the ball rolling for finishing school. I hope to realize my biggest dreams and make them a reality. Photography, cancer patients, creativity, and health are my passions, and I hope they can all be woven into my life.


  1. Can I just say WOW - you've got an incredible collection here and I still have to look at your other post. You should be so proud of all your work in are well on your way to greatness. I'm so glad you shared these with me!

  2. You inspire me to no end girl! I have told you before that you are my hero - you still are and always will be. You better believe I am coming to your college graduation!!!! LOVE YOU!

  3. Chelsea, Your photographs are so vivid and full of life. You definitely have an eye for photography and I can see why you won 4 honourable mentions in your first photo contest. You should be very proud of yourself. I hope 2011 is as "lucky" for you as you predict.

  4. Chelsea, your photography is amazing and beautiful!


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