Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lunch with my jo confabulating and avoiding the yobs

This Week I'm smiling about:
*Everything Slumdog Millionaire related. I was so thrilled with all the awards it won, and thought it was especially deserving of cinematography. I can't get enough of the soundtrack, just makes me want to get up and pretend like I know that really cool dance they do at the end. Maybe I could incorporate my crutch into it and really make it extra special.
*Scrabble. I've always loved playing with my mom, but Brent and I have recently become addicts, playing a few times a week building up our skills and ocscure vocabulary to beat Jordan and Becca. (Jo, azo, butty, qi, nog, ort, confab and yob to list a few) Use them and sound smart.
*Overripe bananas that no one eats because that means I can bake banana bread.
*Looking at the best- and worst-dressed lists from the Academy Awards. I get such a guilty pleasure from celebrities and their fashion blunders, and at the same time wish I had an event to wear some of those dressess.
*Fresh berries. I can eat them all day long.
*I love days that I can meet Brent (my jo!) on his lunch break and eat with him.
*Colored gel pens. They just make me want to write and doodle all over everything.
*The day aunt Lori and I get our monthly issues of The Sun Magazine...which happened to be today. I think this is my third time receiving it and each one is like opening a present.
*I gave Brent a fondue pot for Valentine's Day and we made 3 different courses on the night of Academy Awards...a cheese fondue with chipotle gouda, dipping green apples and French bread; an Asian beef broth, using it to cook beef, shrimp, and veggies; and finally a milk chocolate and marshmallow dessert fondue, dipping strawberries, blackberries and graham crackers. Yummmm!! Can't wait to make it again, it is surprisingly easy.
*Borders rewards coupons that give me an excuse to spend time looking at and drooling over all the books I want. I usually don't buy anything, but I love just browsing.
*Tall, nonfat, extra hot, dirty chai tea lattes. Instant comfort.

My BĂȘtes Noires:
*People who ask if I need special accommodations because of my crutch, like the host at Islands today asking if I needed a larger booth. I appreciate the concern but man does it get annoying.
*People who cannot drive.
*I need more shoes. All I can really wear is flats and flip-flops and I wear the same 2 or 3 pair. I miss heels.
*Crossword puzzles. They make me feel stupid just like Jeopardy does, but I still try. Does anyone else feel this way? Probably not.
*Milk that expires before the sell by date. I tasted some this morning that smelled a little funky and oh I thought I was going to puke the instant it hit my tongue. Gross!
*March is just around the corner. Where did February go?
*That feeling between knowing the only way to decrease my pain is taking a pain pill and absolutely dreading the inconsistancy and unpredictability of how the pill will affect me that time.
*The inability to find jeans that actually fit!!

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  1. I LOVE the Sun too and yes stupid is me when it comes to crosswords!!!


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