Thursday, February 26, 2009

A "Moo" point

20 Things you may or may not know about me but now will.
Joey: "It's all a moo point"
Rachel: "Huh...a moo point?"
Joey: "yeah, like a cow's just doesn't matter. It's moo."

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaelogist or treasure diver in the ocean (I loved the idea of searching for and finding things) or an architect (I wanted to design and build the house I would live in).
2. I have had 15 surgeries, 5 of which were knee surgeries, and I can count 19 scars.
3. Until a few years ago I thought it was pronounced "numb"chucks instead of nunchucks. I still think "numb" makes a lot more sense.
4. Gum is like my form of crack...I cannot get enough and you can always count on me having some in my purse.
5. I want to visit all 50 states in my lifetime, I have been to 11: CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, NM, NY, HI, ID, MT, CO. When Nick and I were kids we had a map of the U.S. and everytime we saw a license plate from a new state, we would put a star sticker on that state. It was always so exciting when we spotted one we had not seen yet! Maybe I should make a new version...of the states I have traveled to.
6. I think Tyra Banks and Tom Cruise are 2 of the most annoying people on the planet.
7. I hate soda.
8. When I was in elementary school I was embarrassed by my middle name, Lee, because I thought it was a boy's name.
9. My anatomy lab was one of the most fascinating things I have ever done.
10. I love to vacuum.
11. If I could go anywhere on vacation I would go to Greece.
12. I get motion sickness, I hate to fly, I am scared of heights and spiders.
13. Birds freak me out. I think it is because when I was in elementary school my friend Hillary's family had a parrot, named Rio. Everytime I would go over to her house, for some reason that bird would attack me. He would bite me when I was sitting in at the dining table or in the living room. He would even go to the extent of chasing me through the house until he pinned me into a corner and would bite me so hard it would draw blood. I will never have a pet bird...I just do not get it.
14. My favorite things to eat: peanut butter, strawberries, frozen yogurt, chocolate. Heck just throw those all together and you can probably get me to do anything. But I also love cheese, pizza, sushi, all Mexican food and Italian food.
15. It bugs me that legal pads are yellow.
16. I am constantly thinking about food. I get really excited thinking about what I will eat next, and sometimes before bed I even plan what I will eat for breakfast the next morning.
17. I have spent a total of 18 months on crutches...not concurrently.
18. I save almost every card I am is impossible for me to throw them away, no matter what the occasion. Birthday cards, all the cards I received in the hospital, and any other letters just saying hello.
19. My mom made almost every Halloween costume I ever wore. The ones I can remember are: a bumble bee(<--), Pippi Longstockings with a jumper my mom sewed, her boots that were multiple sizes to big, stockings, and a wig made of red yarn and wire to make the braids stand out straight; a princess; a queen(-->); an elf, complete with pointy ears and felt shoes with bells on the ends; Juliet; a clown, matching my friend Megan in preschool; and an angel at 1 year old.
20. I like to make funny faces in seems I always have:

Grandma C. and I after one of my soccer games

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  1. Magnifique! I love it all! This is the Chels I know and love.


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