Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tip From Abroad: Please Do Not Pull The Bird's Feathers

I love funny or strange or interesting signs. Someone sent these Strange Signs From Abroad and some of them are hilarious! Here are some that I have come across...
{New York City, NY}
These signs were in front of trees everywhere!
Looks like a sign aimed for toddlers, not dogs.

{San Clemente, CA}
This sign has been up for more than 6 months. Maybe
if they fixed the spelling it would actually come true!

{San Francisco, CA}
I bet I was smiling in the Inner Richmond that day!
If that sign won't get you into their store, what will?

{San Francisco, CA}
This guy was on Market St. every single weekend chanting
"no sex before marriage. Sex is a sacred union between
and husband and a wife..." And plenty of other things.

{San Francisco, CA}
Poor lady. Maybe she needs the wheelchair?

{Cabo San Lucas, Mexico}
They were soo close.

1 comment:

  1. Haha I have a pic from my trip to see you just like that one! (The no sex man that is). These are funny Chels! That last one... so funny!


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