Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I ♥ Fall

First day of Autumn! Summer will be missed, yes, but I will admit, I look forward to the months of September/October/November the most of all the year.
::What I love about Fall::
♥ Pumpkin-flavored anything
♥ Crisp, cool air, just enough to call for a sweatshirt
♥ Halloween decorations
♥ The smell of candles burning inside a pumpkin
♥ Seeing little kids' costumes on Halloween
♥ The different sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins, squash, & gourds
♥ Time with family and my mom's stuffing at Thanksgiving
♥ My mom & my birthdays are only 4 days apart
♥ The changing of nature's colors
♥ Hot apple cider
♥ Pumpkin carving & roasting pumpkin seeds
♥ The smells of cinnamon and pies
♥ Front stoops dotted with Jack-O-Lanterns
♥ Return of my favorite TV shows
♥ Stews & soups

1 comment:

  1. Love this list Chelsea!

    Ok, I would like to add:
    POPCORN with new Fall tv shows ;)
    Pumpkin ice cream (I wait all year for it)
    Sipping Chocolate (have you tried this?)
    snuggly kitties
    our annual trip to pick pumpkins at Bates
    fall sunsets
    wearing scarves
    foggy mornings
    reading novels (something I love doing in cool weather)

    Love it all Chels!



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