Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini Vacation

Last week I was at my mom's house in Fallbrook for a few days. It was my mom's turn to host Bunco - the group she has been in for 16 years - and I was a sub. We made dinner and I made homemade lemon cupcakes.

My mom and Doug went to work the following day and I awoke to the sound of Boone meowing, followed by a crash in the kitchen. I didn't see anything that had fallen, but saw Boone looking up at the window. There was a hummingbird on the inside of the windowsill clutching to the metal of the window and breathing hard. I started to freak out, worried I would have to put this thing out of its misery because I was sure it was dying. Frantically texting with Brent and trying to call my mom, the decision was made to take it outside. I pulled him off the window and into a glass and walked down the street to let it go. Once I let it go, he flew away fine, so I am crossing my fingers it was not injured too bad.
Phew, that was a relief, poor little buddy. Now I could relax. NOPE! Walk outside and Boone is carrying a lizard in his mouth! So I had to save that as well. And just to continue the morning's events, I pulled a struggling bee out of the pool.
I love staying at their house because it is like being on vacation. They transformed their backyard into paradise, with a gorgeous pool, a waterfall down the hill, and tropical plants and flowers everywhere. Not to mention the entertainment value of the pets! It is also so much fun to hunt for photo opportunities. A little taste of what I saw...


  1. These pictures are fabulous! LOVE that dog!!! He looks so cuddly. And that backyard is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  2. Chels! These pictures are absolutely amazing! I cannot believe your camera, which is the same camera as mine, can take these! I really need to start learning how to use mine better! The bees are incredible. And the webs - glorious. Leave it to your to take a picture of the humming bird at a time like that - awesome!

  3. Haha yeah, I felt so bad taking the picture, but I was like, I am going to regret it if I don't! I think it could have come out way better, especially since the feathers were soo beautiful, but I just shot it as quickly as I could, then took him out to safety!! And kim...The dogs are all soo sweet! From top to bottom there is Clyde, then Bonnie, then Gus, and Tucker is not pictured.


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