Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee Date

If we had plans to meet for coffee this morning I would have to call and cancel...or keep it over the computer or the phone. Because I am sick. Yuck. Since saturday I have had some kind of stomach flu, and haven't really been able to get out of bed. I am snuggled up in my bed with the computer on my lap and a cup of mint tea next to me. This is going to be a short one...

Last night I woke up at 3 AM to crazy loud thunder and lightening that filled my room with light. I just laid there listening to the loud rain. It was really cool because we rarely get storms like that.
I would tell you how much I wish I was in a living situation that would allow me to get a cat of my own. I feel so comforted and loved when I snuggle with Jazz, and every time I walk past Tubby sunning herself on the stairs, I just want to steal her!

We watched MacGruber over the weekend, I found it pretty disappointing. Some funny moments but overall not my type of humor and just dumb. But we watched Dexter, still this season seems slightly weak compared to past seasons, but we are only 3 episodes in. I have faith. We also watched the movie "The Book of Kels" which we enjoyed, the art was very beautiful and the story was different. We also started Pushing Daisies which we are liking a lot, and the Big C. Have you seen any good movies or tv lately?

One last thing....my mom started an Etsy shop, selling homemade star tree toppers. They are very pretty, and all made out of repurposed materials. Check it out HERE. We just don't have a banner done yet. She is in the process of making some different ones and if there is something specific you want they are customizable!
Anyway I hope you have a great Tuesday, and PLEASE do not get sick! Sorry this was such a lame coffee date with not much to say and not many cool photos...next week.


  1. I hope you feel better soon... it's never fun being sick... take care of yourself!
    (and love the tree topper!! off to check out the site...)

  2. Feel better soon chica. (((chicken noodle soup)) The tree topper is adorable. Oh and I adore listening to thunderstorms. Unless it is winter and then I just worry about ice. ick!

  3. Very cool tree topper! I miss having a kitty too. Feel better soon!


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