Friday, November 12, 2010

The Five Senses

Today's Friday Five is all about the senses. Smell, taste, touch, sound & sight...

{Favorite Senses}
Favorite smells: Vanilla, coffee beans, kettle corn, freshly baked cookies,
fresh cut grass, rain, candle burning in a pumpkin, sweet peas
Favorite tastes: Lattes, fresh chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered
strawberries, caramel, red wine, cinnamon
Favorite feelings: A hug, the velvety nose of a horse, a cat snuggled against me,
warm laundry, a kiss, the comfort of a soft warm bed in a cold room
Favorite sounds: Live guitar, rain falling on the roof, music, purring cat
Favorite sights: A sunset, baby animals, two people holding hands - young and old,
dew drops glistening in the sun, newly fallen snow

{As I write this I am...}
Hearing: The hum of the heater
Tasting: Mango tea, and cottage cheese with berries
Seeing: Sitting at the dining room table and looking out the window at the small palm trees
Feeling: Freezing cold! I am bundled up but it is cold this morning! Also feeling the smoothness of the computer keys against my fingers
Smelling: My mango tea

What are your senses picking up on today and what are your favorites?
Happy Friday!!


  1. I want to climb in your bed and sleeep.... Love the kitty grin:) Just this morning as I was leaving the pharmacy I was walking behind an old couple. They were holding hands, he was carrying her red purse with his free hand, and the book he brought, I'd assume to read as he waited for her at her dr. appointment. I sneakily took a picture of the with my phone as I walked behind them, and then I sent it to Billy, explaining that 'the man gets it!!' you know his response?? "Dream On" hahah made me laugh. They were pretty cute:)

  2. We have very similar likes I see :) Beautiful post.

  3. these are beautiful photos chels, i love what that caramel and apple one is saying to me


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