Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Coffee Date

It's Tuesday! Instead of coffee, or even tea, I am having hot cocoa today. I have been all about it lately! The mornings and nights have been chilly, and there is something about this drink - with marshmallows of course - that is so comforting this time of year.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would comment on the weather. It has been all over the place! Just last week we got up to the 80s and 90s, yesterday it raining, last night was windy and freezing, today is back to normal fall weather, chilly but sunny and gorgeous. Perfect for hot cocoa.

My weekend was nothing to note, so I would say, let's talk about spiders. You would respond with: "You?....Want to talk about...spiders??" Yes me...the one who is terrified of spiders and runs away when I see one in the house. But I have been so fascinated with photographing them lately! Their beautiful webs gleaming in the sun, their creepy long legs...yes I am getting chills talking about it, but just look!

Can you see the baby at the top?

I prefer when the webs are uninhabited, but if they are, I muster up a LOT of courage, get close, then make sure they are not on me, and run away. (Funny image huh?) My mom and I are both terrified of spiders yet we were both born during fall when they are everywhere.

Taking photos of spiderwebs is actually on my "Things to do During Fall" List. I think I can cross it off! Drink hot chocolate is also on there. If we were meeting for coffee this morning I would ask you what would be on your list if you made one? Mine includes carving a pumpkin, roasting pumpkin seeds, a lot of baking and cooking, ordering a Pumpkin Spice latte...and a bunch more. I will probably post the full list after I have crossed a few more off. It is a lot of fun!

I would also tell you that even though Christmas seems a while away, it is really not! I am getting super excited for Thanksgiving, but I am also starting to brainstorm about gifts. Do you have your holiday plans set yet? I have no idea what I am doing, but still excited! Do you need a tree topper for your Christmas tree? My mom got the banner put up in her Etsy shop and it looks so cute, check out here cool star tree toppers here.

Have a great Tuesday and a wonderful week!
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  1. Love the pink mug. . .so very dainty!

    You are much braver than I. . .spiders are not my thing, but I am amazed at the webs!

  2. So I take it you would not be very interested in checking out our pet baby tarantula if you came over for coffee? ;)

    I agree, though, with how beautiful spiderwebs can be. I love the one with the big and baby spider. Actually, insects in general are one of my favorite things to photograph.

    I like the idea of making lists of things to do for fall. Perhaps I'll make one for winter. It's a fantastic idea.

    Thanks for coffee!!

  3. Chels, your spider hunt is amazing. You are so brave! It is easier to watch them when they are not moving towards you!! Haha or surprising you! On my list... must make white chocolate chip scones. Also I really want to try pumpkin bread. I have some new recipes I want to try from the Nov, Martha Stewart for Thanksgiving - a pecan yam dish and then a green bean dish with shallots. And of course I will make my cranberries :)

    I wish my stomach wasn't sensitive to milk, I am really missing out on Hot Chocolate. I make it with rice milk at home, but thats pretty much all I get, since most coffee shops only do milk and soy. LAME :(

  4. i love those spider web photos, especially the last one! very cool. love the way the sun is shining on them. alos really love the picture of the hot cocoa! : ) i am determined to get starte don Xmas early this year...although i'm always determined, i just don't usually follow through! : )
    thanks for coffee!

  5. These are amazing spider/web images. I've always loved how the morning dew catches on them, but can never quite capture the same feel in a picture. Looks like you had a perfect morning.


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