Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lights Galore

The lights of the season are so enchanting. Lights on the tree. Hanukkah candles. Decorations on the outside and inside of houses. Snowmen and reindeer, candy canes and more. Growing up, one of my favorite traditions during the holidays was taking a drive through neighborhoods to ooh and ahh over the lights displays. This has not changed. To me, the lights are such an integral part of the season and as soon I start to see them displayed, the gears in my click from the last season to the next. Festive and beautiful, they have proved to be very fun photographic subjects!
{Day 10 Picture the Holidays - Twinkle Twinkle}
Twinkle lights, fantasy, wishing and whimsy - all part of the season.
Capture something that sparkles today.
{Day 11 Picture the Holidays - Shaping Up}
Pay attention to the shapes of things today...see if you can find
something that resembles something else today.
{Day 16 Picture the Holidays - The Season of Lights}
They call it the season of lights for a reason and there are
ample opportunities to shoot them.
{Day 17 Picture the Holidays - Warm Glow}
Capture the glow of a candle to signify what is meaningful in your life. Make a wish, set an intension, pray, meditate and shoot.
{Day 18 Picture the Holidays - Recharge}
Take a break when you need it, relax and take a deep breath.
Find what it is you need to recharge.


  1. Love all your holiday pictures. Looks like the class was definitely worth it!

  2. So many pretty things here!!!! Love it all.


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