Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - January

Ten on Ten for January!
Waking up with tea, a nice stroll around the block, accomplishing things at home including making homemade caramel corn! Can't believe we are already 10 days deep into 2011!


  1. i'm wanting to leap on thru and enjoy your photos firsthand! and homemade caramel corn? yum :) i can't even pick a favorite photo... i do love the contents of your purse kind of pic! and the blue fabrics... and the toasty fire....

  2. Chelsea, your photos make the everyday extraordinary! And they're inspiring. I was hoping to join you in 10 on 10, but couldn't get it together and found myself accompanying my husband at medical appointments without a camera, journal etc. Hopefully next month. It's a great idea!

  3. #7 REALLY freaks me out!! What IS THAT?!

  4. Ahhh all the little beauties of every day life!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. #7 is bubbling caramel from making homemade caramel corn. And thanks ladies!!

  7. aha- bubbling caramel! brilliant!!

    ok- so great day you had...very cool silver {??} sandshoes...
    love my burts bees wax lip gloss- i spotted yours in your bag- that looks decidedly more organised than mine {!!!}
    & is that blue & white fabric or napkins?
    either way- i'm quite sure i want them!

    see you next month at 10 on 10...

    melissa x

  8. oh, my gosh!

    i LOVE... love love love love the yellow daisy shot!
    super adorable.

    love the ten on ten idea.
    do you keep going for every day?
    11 on 11... 12 on 12... etc.?


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