Thursday, February 3, 2011

Le Ballon Rouge

The Red Balloon or Le Ballon Rouge is a 34 minute short film about a boy in Paris who finds and forms a friendship with a red balloon. The pet-like balloon follows him, obeys him, and has a mind of its own.

I had seen the film in high school, but when I saw it again recently I was touched by an unexpected hope that permeated the film. With age we become jaded as we experience and witness the negativity of the world. As we see and experience pain and suffering, our dreams are shot down, and we focus on our adult responsibilities, we shy away from that feeling of anything is possible and lose that child-like sense of wonder and imagination. Watching this film I was lost in the child's world. That joy, innocence and carefree attitude of a child just made me want to revert back to that time in my life. But why can't I adapt these to my 23 year-old self? I can make my dreams a reality, I can find happiness in my everyday life, and I can escape reality by taking time out for myself to do what I love...escape into my creative world.

In the film, the boy is bullied and his only friend is the balloon. They form a bond, a friendship, and they depend on each other, bringing each other happiness. This made me takes only one person in our lives to make us feel alive, bring us love and joy and support, and instill a sense of hope in our lives. I am so fortunate to have an endless supply of love and support through my boyfriend, family and friends.
Since January 1st I have been writing down one thing everyday that I am grateful for. Even if I have had a bad day, it really forces me to reflect on the positive aspects of my life and I have noticed a major shift in the way I think. It is almost like training my brain to push my way through the muddiness and see the brightness.

Below is the first third of the film...if you have never seen it, it is worth the 34 minutes! The cinematography is stunning, I wanted to freeze every frame and print them out for my walls!


  1. I remember that video - and you're right. I think writing down all that you're thankful for is a great idea. I should do'll remind me to be at peace even on those bad days.

  2. Thanks for sharing Chels! Such a good reminder....

  3. Lovely post! when i was a kid, they would show that film at school, on a day that we cold not go out to play because of the weather. Oh, how I LOVED that film, and never grew tired of it. Thanks for the gentle reminder of seeing the world through a child's eye :)


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