Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Virtual Coffee

Good morning! I love having coffee or tea on Tuesday mornings and chatting. Today I am sipping some peach tea in my favorite purple mug siting in my favorite chair, and listening to the birds singing away in this windy, grey day.
If we were actually meeting to have coffee and chat I would ask about your weekend. Ours was jam-packed between Brent's birthday and Superbowl. Friday was Brent's actual birthday, just the two of us had sushi and saw the Black Swan. It was a really good movie we both loved it, but I did not expect to be so freaked out by it! We met there so we had separate cars, and driving home alone my mind was playing tricks on my and scaring me. I was very proud of myself for baking a cheesecake for the first time, it came out wonderfully and Brent enjoyed it.

Saturday we were able to relax, then we met a few good friends for dinner at a Caribbean restaurant. That was my first experience with Caribbean food...good but spicy. Sunday was brunch at Brent's parent's house for another birthday celebration. Huevos rancheros with homemade tortillas and the works. His sister is 4 months pregnant and we had a blast coming up with ridiculous name ideas (it is a boy). Back in the car and headed to Long Beach for a Superbowl party at our friend's house. Busy weekend but fun.
If we were really meeting for coffee, I would ask if you have ever heard of Kina Grannis? I have been following her for awhile and have even seen her live. But I love this cover she did with Boyce Avenue of "Fast Car"I am excited for Spring...can't wait for the bustling farmer's markets on sunday filled with my favorite fruits, the hillsides of wild mustard and wildflowers, fruit pies, Easter Sunday...

My mom is coming to visit today, I am very excited. We always have so much fun together, and even though she only lives an hour away I miss here when she is not here. I hope you have a great rest of the day and a wonderful week! Thanks to Amy for hosting Virtual Coffee! Visit her beautiful blog ♥


  1. aw, i love birthdays! sounds like yall had a great weekend. have fun with your mom!

    thanks for sharing coffee today! :)

  2. peeking down, i caught a glimpse of that cheesecake! yum! i love busy weekends with friends! and quiet ones, too :) the run-crazy weekends just tire me out though! have fun with your mom! mine lives about an hour away (depending who drives!) and she surprised me for lunch yesterday- i hadn't seen her in over a month! much needed :)

  3. How fun! That sounds like a lovely weekend! Black Swan was really good, I agree. Though definitely had some freaky moments!

  4. You guys are so adorable, I sort of envy your freedom. Thank you for the coffee date friend!

  5. Ohhhhh...so jealous that you are hearing birds chirping! I can't wait for Spring and to have my windows open...sigh...one day! my friends said the same thing about Black Swan, sounds a little disturbing but I do want to see it. Hope you had fun with your mom. Thanks for coffee!

  6. I love this virtual coffee idea, too cool!

  7. birthdays are so fun and good for you for baking a cheesecake. we had a busy weekend, too. it was a good busy, though! i do a tea on tuesday, too, hope you'll join sometime! great to find you through virtual coffee!


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