Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Spring

Just wanted to share my excitement for the change in the seasons. Spring always feels so light and cool, calm and collected. The flowers are happily blooming, the air is perfect, the weather sometimes unpredictable (it is raining now). But I think what I love most about the arrival of Spring is just the changes it brings. For me, looking at each season as a fresh change, new possibilities, some good some bad, but change nonetheless. I am excited for the fields and fields of wile mustard and wild sweet peas. The rolling hills of bright green grass. I love the longer, warmer nights. I can't wait for the bustling farmers markets, boasting all new juicy and delicious produce as gifts Spring brought along for us all. Easter chocolate, pastel colors, time with family, what's not to like?
♥H-E-L-L-O SPRING!!! ♥
I have been so busy lately and have not had the time to keep up my blog. Stay tuned though...big things are in the works including a new website, selling some prints, getting a photography business in the works, perhaps a giveaway or two, interviews with some amazing photographers, artists, and other inspirational people. I will be back soon! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Your assigment for the week! Go take photos of spring flowers, think of your favorite aspect of Spring, go buy Easter chocolate candy for some self-induced happiness. Then come back tomorrow and Tuesday. We can discuss. Goodnight ♥


  1. BEAUTIFUL! It sounds like you are working on some great things Chelsea. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the optimism! Gosh, I hope spring is here for real. We had a beautiful weekend, and now today, cold, damp and dreary, sigh.

  3. Warmer nights, yes please! I want all those things you said. And I miss you.


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