Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Pleasures Saturday

I am all about the little things. Life is so unpredictable with so many ups & downs that I try my best to really appreciate the simple everyday joys. I find myself getting overly excited over seemingly mundane things, but they are sometimes exactly what I need to get me through.

I want to start acknowledging these simple pleasures. Recognize that big happy feeling I get over the little stuff. So please welcome (drum roll please) Simple Pleasures Saturday...where I simply list a few things from my day that make me smile! Anyone can join me!
Today I am very much enjoying:
A much-needed Lazy Saturday.
A bag of animal crackers.
Burger & fries for lunch.
Jeans, hoodie, & no makeup.

Tell me...what simple pleasures are you enjoying today?


  1. ironing..when I am in the mood to do it, it is like therapy...laurabjenkins

  2. early am watering of the garden and exploring what new beauties have cropped up ...
    how else can we join you on "simple pleasures"? ie: on my blog??? let's talk. see you soon, i hope. cheers, suz.

  3. sleeping in, after two days of work, with my puppy right next to me.
    a cup of coffee (or a few.)
    reading the newspaper.
    new sweat pants given as a birthday gift, so soft and fun.

  4. This sounds so fun!

    Sweeping and vacuuming are so relaxing to me, I think it is the repetitive motion and probably the satisfaction it gives too. Also, cats on my bed, and a good, hot shower.


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