Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Week in the Life :: Day 2

Day 2: July 26, 2011

Woke up. Bad dreams. I hate that feeling of waking up after a night of bad dreams, but the nice thing is I had the day off from work so I didn't have to worry about anything when I got up. I went for a swim and it was particularly tough, must have been because of how tired I was but I powered through. It felt like backwards day today, no work, I wasn't hungry for breakfast so I skipped it, and I made a latte at noon. My morning:

...shower and makeup...
...feed the fish...
...more music while I accomplished some photo projects.
Tuesdays are Brent's afternoons off and we had planned to go to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, something I look forward to it every year.
It is an outdoor art fair with a huge variety of local & incredibly talented artists showing their creations from pottery to photography to paintings to paper goods to glass blowing to jewelry and more. Being the lover of hearts that I am one of my favorite things to do is to pick out all the hearts in all the different mediums. Glass blown hearts, ceramic heart bowls, paintings of hearts, photos of hearts, sterling silver heart necklaces, greeting cards with hearts, heart-shaped wind chimes, the list goes on. There is a sign at the entrance that says "please ask before taking photos, artists may bite." So out of respect I tucked away my camera...except for this little beauty:
We had brought our bikes with us and after browsing the festival we rode our bikes into the downtown area and had lunch. Laguna Beach is one of my favorite little towns, so many wonderful art galleries, funky gift shops, incredible views and great restaurants. If you have never been and you are ever in southern California, I would recommend it!
The restaurant we ate at was one of those places where you were definitely paying for the location - looking out at the beach - but we were both starving and it did the trick. I had clam chowder, Brent fish and chips.
After lunch we rode around a little bit and stumbled on this really cute cupcake shop called Casey's Cupcakes. Everything is pink and glam and the cupcakes looked amazing but I was too full to indulge. I know, I know, how could I pass one up right? I would have brought one home with me if I didn't have to balance it on top of my head while biking back to the car. Guess I will have to go back for one. Sigh.
We headed back to the car, went to the grocery store and finally home. I had leftover cream from dinner a few nights ago and I knew I wouldn't cook anything else with it so I made some homemade whipped cream to top a hot mocha for me and a blended mocha for Brent. It hit the spot!
Some episodes of Weeds, relaxing, and the day was done. The end.

::Today's Food::
Cottage cheese w/ blueberries (from the farmer's market), crackers with ham & cheese & jam, sliced bell peppers, carrots & cucumbers, bowl of clam chowder, green salad w/ balsamic, m&m's and chocolate chips, mocha w/ whipped cream.

Looking at all the art at the Sawdust Festival, riding bikes, day off from work...Tuesdays in general are always great days.

Hope you had a nice day!

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  1. Oh my gosh...what a wonderful day you had!!! You and Brent are such a lovely couple!!! Love all your pictures you do such a great job! I love hearts too... I spotted a plant when we pulled up to a business last week...I told Tom before we go in I must get a picture of it!!! smile... I should go over and post it right now to my blog! Just for you!! smile...

    xoxo Gert


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