Friday, August 26, 2011

Liberate Your Art!!

I recently participated in an incredible project called the Liberate your Art Postcard Swap organized by Kat Sloma. In exchange for 5 postcards that I created, I would receive 5 in return from participants all over the world! There were no rules for the postcards, it could be a collage, drawing, photograph...anything! You can read more about the actual sending process here.
When all was said and done, there were 175 participants, from 13 countries and 37 U.S. states - how cool is that? I had a very hard time choosing which photos to send & unfortunately I did not take a picture of which I sent. But I am hoping I will find out who received mine! They came one by one, and it was so exciting to check the mail everyday. Let me show you what I got:
::Postcard #1 - Marji in Seattle, Washington::
What a beauty, and it looks like something I might take doesn't it? She is going to school to study encaustic art & photography, and her Flickr name is RainCityGirl. Does this sound like someone I would be friends with or what? We even follow a lot of the same blogs so I am surprised we have never crossed paths. P.S. Marji - I LOVE Seattle, almost went to UW, love the rain and art & photography are kinda my passion. Yep! ♥ Thanks for the beautiful postcard I love it! Please visit her blog Sun Breaks in the Forecast and say hello, I know I will!

::Postcard #2 - Rosa in Scotland::
Isn't this postcard wonderful? Rosa grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and has also lived in Toronto, Canada, Hong Kong, & vacations in Scottland/UK. Wow! I think it is so amazing to connect through art to someone half-way around the world! On her postcard was written:

"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." - Janis Joplin

What a powerful and inspiring quote, especially from one artist to another. And this is just how her website, Simple Mansion is...nothing but inspiration, encouragement, and positive thinking. Her one of a kind work of art is so unique and her creativity just shines through. Thank you for sharing your art with me Rosa!♥

::Postcard #3 - Ann in Kent, England::
Her blog, Poetic Mapping: Walking into Art combines her 4 passions of writing, art, walking and music. This beautiful postcard has a fascinating story behind it, you must read about it here! Not only is she an incredible artist but she is striving to save to the world. That is lofty & trite expression, yes, but visit her blog and see what I mean. This quote she posted says it all:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Ann you are an inspiration and I am so happy have been introduced to you and your blog! Thank you for the postcard.♥

::Postcard #4 - Clara in Pennsylvania::
The 4th is a treasure from the opposite side of the country. Like me, her blog started as a place to document her life (she has 2 boys) to share with family, then it turned into a place to share her passion for photography. This photo is of the Statue of Chief Justice John Marhsall she took during a World Wide photo walk. That sounds amazing - sign me up! She said although it was 99 degrees, it was a blast. She included this powerful quote on the postcard:

"To listen well is as powerful a means of communication
and influence as to talk well." - John Marshall

Visit her blog: I Miei Due Bambini. Thanks Clara!♥

::Postcard #5 - Colorado Springs, Colorado::
Unfortunately, the location is all I know! She has a website but it says she has retired. Written on the back is "The Mysterious Series" - pretty fitting yes? I believe her name is Angela but I am not positive. Whoever you are, thank you for the beautiful postcard! ♥

::Postcard #6 - Bonus from Kat in Oregon
Look at that blue - so beautiful!! You can check out all her photos at her blog: The Kat Eye View of the World. Thanks for all the hard work Kat! ♥
This was such a joyous project to be a part of. I love to see how different everyone's style of art is, how every postcard was from a different part of the world, the different styles of handwriting, and what message they chose to impart. It was such a wonderful way to connect with other people who I otherwise would have never met! There will be a 2012 edition that I will most definitely not miss!


  1. Aren't they all just gorgeous!!! Love your work Chelsea... and the cards you received.

  2. Chelsea what wonderful postcards! I'm sure you just couldn't wait for the mailman each day! What gifted people hee are out there & I know you are one of them!

    xoxo Gert

  3. What a wonderful set of cards. And you presented them so beautifuly. :)

  4. Chelsea, the way you captured the images of your post cards is wonderful! Thanks for sharing them as well as your remarks about each artist. This is all very inspiring!

  5. Hello Chelsea. I'm very pleased you received one of my postcards and thank you for your very nice comments about it and also for the time you must have spent reading my blog! It is you who are an inspiration, not me! I am emailing you separately.

    Nice to meet you and

    Good luck

    Ann Isik

  6. Hi Chelsea! Wow, its so cool to see my card on your site! Am excited to get to know you. I'm your newest follower!! #50 :) **Marji

  7. Chelsea, how beautifully you have told the story of the swap and honored eah of the artists here. You not only have a gift with your camera but the gift of words as well. hugs, cyndy

  8. I really enjoyed this project too and you received some absolutely gorgeous cards.

  9. You received some amazing cards!! Who knew there were so many talented artists right here in blogland! This was a fun project to be a part of!

  10. How wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap and I love how you told the story of each and every post card. That's the power of liberating your art - connection to far flung places. Yay!! Thanks for joining in the hop.

  11. What a beautiful post about the swap Chelsea...your photos of the postcards are as beautiful as the postcards themselves:) What wonderful cards you received! I loved participating in the swap too:)

  12. All so lovely and unique. A world wide photo walk would definitely be loads of fun!

  13. Wonderful post describing your experiences. You received some beautiful postcards!

  14. What a lovely collection. This is a GREAT project!

  15. Hello... nice to meet you! :]
    What a wonderful collection of postcards!
    Such talent swimming around the postal office :]
    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed my visit.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Looks like you received some great cards too! I also received one from Marji in Seattle (and I live in South Seattle!). Thanks for sharing the sites of each of these talented ladies!

  17. What a wonderful collection! I LOVE how you presented them all - thanks so much for sharing!!

  18. What a great piece about the swap, lovely post cards too. Thanks for sharing it has been a fun adventure.


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