Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple Pleasures Saturday #8

This weekend we are on a mini "fake-cation" - as we have dubbed it. Meaning, we took a little trip but just an hour and half north to Los Angeles. Here was our day: We drove up this morning and wandered the Santa Monica pier, Muscle Beach, 3rd street promenade and downtown, then drove 6 miles to Beverly Hills to check into our cute little treasure of a hotel. We explored the nearby neighborhoods, our jaws dropping in awe of the humongous houses, followed by dinner at a great Indian restaurant.

It was a great day and exactly the getaway I needed. And after living so close all my life I'm surprised I have never been to this part of L.A. The pier and Muscle Beach sure were a sight to see! I will post pictures from the trip when I'm back home but for now, (as I type on my phone from the hotel) here are the simple pleasures I enjoyed today:

-Eating a hot dog and churro for lunch
-Taking photos of everything, and having a boyfriend who patiently waits as I do so
-Being completely touristy
-Getting a major kick out of people watching
-Poking Brent every 10 minutes saying "isn't this so fun!....this is so fun!...aren't you having fun??" ha :)
-Making up pretend stories of the people living in the enormous Beverly Hills houses
-Seeing endless teeny tiny dogs
-Passing by "Chelsea Blvd"!!!
-Only driving 1.5 hours to be on a vacation
-Having complimentary cookies delivered to our hotel room
-Passing by "Chelsea Avenue"!!!!

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  1. glad you had fun in my neck of the woods! sounds like you did! while I'm not a regular in the beverly hills area we sure do love going down to venice!! its a riot, love all the people watching one can do! can't wait to see your photos!


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