Friday, February 3, 2012

Childlike Joy

Today, allow yourself some happiness...carefree kid style. So often life is so serious and it is hard to remember to just slow down breathe, smell the flowers, and jump for joy without reason. Little kids run, jump, play, laugh, smile, and exude a certain joy that seems to slowly diminish as we age. I am not saying we are dull, boring adults who have fun...heck no. Just life gets busy, we have obligations and responsibilities and don't have the same freedom as we did when we were but wee little ones. But I just wanted to say, take a break from you busy schedule today to engage in a little child-inspired fun.

Jump rope. Buy a giant lollipop that is bigger than your head. Make a snow angel. Ride a carousel. Take a spin on your kid's scooter. Color outside the lines. Finger paint. Play with your food. Make a root beer float. Play in the dirt without worrying about..the dirt. Buy a balloon. Make a daisy chain headband. Go treasure hunting. Play hopscotch. Draw with chalk. Fly a kite. Play checkers. Drink chocolate milk, purposely growing a milk mustache. Play hide and go seek. Eat a fruit roll up. Eat cake for breakfast. Watch old fashioned cartoons. Make a flip book. Spin in circles until you get dizzy. Take a trip down the slide or touch your feet to the sky on the swings. Browse the children's books at the library. Lick the bowl after making a batch of brownies. Buy something from the ice cream man. Don't just walk, skip. And of course, let your imagination run wild.

Coax out your inner child and I promise you will be smiling and feel lighter. Here is to a carefree, delightful, fun Friday! xo

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