Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whac-A-Mole: Part 2

I appreciate all the good thoughts sent my way on Tuesday. I wanted to give you all an update, so here goes:

Unfortunately, the injection did not work. The doctor told me that if the injection was successful, I would have significant pain relief within 5-10 minutes after it was done. Not only did I not have any relief, but my pain was so much worse than when I first came in. If you are wondering how the injection could make the pain worse, Brent described the new pain as "someone punching me in a really bad bruise" and it will just take awhile for the pain to return to what it was. Basically the needles just caused additional trauma to an already inflamed and painful area.

Originally I was going to be given a sedative during the procedure. I would still be awake but it was to calm me down and make it a little easier. I decided last minute that I did not want it, I was not as nervous as I thought I would be and I just did not know how the sedative would make me feel afterward. I'm glad I went without it because I was able to watch the x-ray screen, seeing the needles in my back and watch as he injected the contrast (a dye to make sure the needle was in the right location) and then the anesthetic. It was fascinating to watch. The insertion of the needles (6 total) and the injection of each substance were all very painful, but I have experienced worse things.

At this point, it only feels slightly better than Tuesday, but still worse than before the injection. It hurts to walk, and sitting and lying down are both extremely uncomfortable, and the pain meds and ice provide only slight relief. I am really bummed that it was not successful, I was really hoping I could at least find out the source of the pain. Brent was telling one of his patients yesterday about my injection, and she has had many different back injections, including the one I had. It was also unsuccessful for her, and she described the pain as someone having hit her in the back with a bowling ball. I think this is actually a very accurate description.

I am not sure what the next step is, I am still waiting to speak to my doctor. Thanks again to everyone for the good thoughts and love. Turns it this is just a VERY mean, unyielding little mole.


  1. I am sooo sending tons of love your way right now!

  2. Dude! Crazy Chels!! I am so sorry the injection was unsuccessful. We are still praying for you (both of us are). Love you Chels!


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