Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moms & meeting the Fockers

A little delayed, but...Mother's Day was great this year. I'm glad I could spend it with my mom and aunt Lori, especially after being in San Francisco the past few Mother's Day. Tyler was staying with us for a few weeks to help with the house remodel, and it was great having him along. My mom and Doug drove up, and the Williams, My mom, Doug and I had brunch at Sarduccis in San Juan Capistrano at the train depot. Unlimited juice, mimosas, coffee, fresh fruit and pastries, and an entree of our choice. I had the cheese blintzes, with whipped cream and fresh berries - delicious! After brunch, we strolled around downtown San Juan, visiting the shops and galleries and a great antique shop. We also visited the petting zoo and laughed at the funny animals.

It started out as a gloomy day but slowly the sun peeked out and it was a gorgeous. My mom, Doug and I went to Brent's parents' house in San Clemente, the first parental meet and greet. We (the parents, Brent's sister and husband, and Brent & I) sat outside and admired their gorgeous view of the San Clemente coastline, enjoyed some homemade guacamole, nice conversation, and everyone got along and meshed very well. Our version of "Meet the Fockers" was a success... although my mom wanted to know which set of parents was "the Fockers" :)


  1. How sweet!! Ahh family, and especially yours. Glad the day was so fun! Ostriches are sooo weird. I hear they can be vicious :)

  2. With Doug involved, who ELSE would be the Fockers????

    Love you Chels-wad...your bedroom is open here when you are ready for round 2 of acupuncture!

    Aunt Laurie


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