Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy World

My favorite shocking stories lately...
The 19 pound baby born in Indonesia... he is on the left, and the baby on the right is the average
size of an Indonesian newborn.

TLC, the channel that labels itself as the "discovery network," is adding a new show to their
incredible range of shows. It is called"My Monkey Baby" and it premieres tomorrow night. Meet the Johnsons and their beloved "child" Jessica. Only problem is, she is a monkey!! This is the best new concept they can come up with?

Just when I thought TLC sunk to an all-time low with their show Toddlers and Tiaras- a complete train wreck that I cannot tear my eyes from. Yes, I will admit I do watch this show, because it is such a compete train wreck I cannot tear my eyes from. Seeing 5 year olds completely check their youth at the pageant door, with spray tans, fake nails, fake teeth (referred to as "flippers"), hair pieces, etc. is so bizarre. They look older than me when they are done up, Terrible (although I could not stop
laughing the first time I saw the preview). By the way, TLC labels itself as the "discovery network".

From awhile ago, but still keep thinking about it: the costume changes of Lada Gaga at the VMAs. Maybe I should just wrap myself in a bird's nest or cover myself head to toe in red lace and I can be famous too?

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