Sunday, June 13, 2010


{Badlands Park, Laguna Niguel, CA}


  1. Wow! What a great have a very "sleuthy" camera!

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    I found your blog through Modern Crush. I just finished reading your post on your back. I feel so badly for you, and I can't imagine feeling no relief through conventional methods. I had a total hip replacement this past February, and my back is so messed up right now,because of my leg being shorter and my back compensating.
    I'm thankful though that through physical therapy, it is starting to feel better. I can feel though that it is still in a fragile state, and that is frustrating.
    Your story made me so sad for you, especially given how young you are.
    I really hope that you find out what is going on, and you feel better soon. Mine is minor compared to yours, but just the little horror I experienced with my back, I can totally get what you are saying.


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