Friday, July 9, 2010


I don't remember when my favorite color became green.
I have a memory of standing on the playground in elementary school and proudly stating my favorite colors were purple, pink, and silver.
I outgrew those colors & it has been green for a long time.
My Dad thinks green is an odd color to choose as a favorite, and says he only knows two people that have it as their favorite-his girlfriend and his daughter.
Warner Springs a few weeks ago with Brent's family was a treat, and everything was so green! So clean, so fresh, so inviting.
The weekend was filled with warm weather, beautiful surroundings, hot springs, golf, reading, lounging at the pool, card games, laughter, delicious food and fantastic company.
The golf course was so strikingly green it was almost glowing.
We are going back this weekend and wonder if it will look the same?

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