Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Heart Music, July Playlist

On a recent bad day I flashed back to a specific time during the hospital stay following my transplant. I was by myself in my room, feeling really sick and my spirits were down. The room phone rang, my mom was on her way down and would be there soon. She could tell I was having a rough day and desperately wanted to do anything to make me feel better. She suggested a little music therapy. I was being stubborn and told her that, no, I didn't want to listen to music-"it wouldn't help!" But a few minutes after hanging up with her, I put on my headphones, popped a c.d. into my metallic blue portable player, and instantly felt better. Two things: 1-mother knows best, and 2-music always makes me feel better.

Music holds so much power in its amazing ability to calm, inspire, create emotion, form memories, generate associations, transport a person to somewhere else, and much more. I am fascinated with everyone's unique preference toward different styles and sounds, and the wide range of meanings music can hold for each person.

So many songs are tied to specific memories of mine...if I hear any Enya song, I am immediately taken back to one of my sickest points in the hospital and have to get away from the sound. Eric Clapton's "Leila" reminds me of my dad, a song he frequently sang and played on his guitar when we were kids. John Mayer is my comfort food of music. The Last Kiss Soundtrack, specifically Joshua Radin's "Paperweight" takes me back to Brent and my first date, the CD I had playing in my car. "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt reminds me of the time I called the local radio station to request the song and the DJ told me to look up to my ceiling to check for spiderwebs, I was around 9 years old. "Ready or Not" by the Fugees makes me think of my brother, Nick, he listened to it when we were kids and wanting to be just like him, I of coursed liked it too. Shaggy takes me back to our weekends out at the desert house in Ocotillo Wells sitting by the fire on Saturday nights with the stereo blasting. Ratatat makes me laugh everytime, thinking of Nick and his friend's dance video to the song in Australia, which then inspired Andrea, Brooke and my take on the video.

Pandora + the Broken Bells station = lots of new music I have fallen in love with.
Here's my June Playlist:

Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside"
Blind Pilot "One Red Thread"
Angus & Julia Stone "Paper Aeroplane"
Phoenix "Armistice"
RJD2 "A Beautiful Mine"
Mumford & Sons "Little Lion Man"
Andrew Bird "Imitosis"

So on that recent bad day I listened to my July playlist and BAM! I felt better. ♥

{Picture taken in Central Park, New York City, NY}

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