Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Melting!

It's been hot. Real hot. But only lately...while our summer months have barely felt like summer at all, the rest of the country has been battling record heat.

2010 seems like it has been a very confused year. Due to the strange weather, the Junebugs didn't know when to come, they came in July. We have "May Grey", "June Gloom", and this year a new term was coined - "No Sky July". July came and went with gloomy, sometimes even cold weather. Hmmm...halfway into summer and...where is summer? We had maybe one week of real hot summer weather and that was it!

So when we were welcomed back from Colorado with actual summer weather I was not prepared. Today was 100 degrees in the backyard. The water heater has been broken for almost a week which means no hot showers. I had avoided a cold shower for a few days, but yesterday's ice cold shower briefly made the 100 degrees feel not quite as bad. ♥

P.S. trip to Colorado and other Chelsea tidbits on their way..

1 comment:

  1. And just like that... its gone again. Summer passed us by this year. I just don't know how that is possible in Southern California. I mean really!!! This is like beach destination central!! I'm still mad about it:/ Had to put on pants today! laaammoo


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