Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Reading

When Nick and I were kids, my mom set up a summer reading program for us. We chose a realistic number of books we thought we could read during the length of the summer. Then each time we finished a book, we got a treat of our choice, usually a donut or ice cream. Then at the end of the summer if we had reached our goal, we got a big prize that we had decided on in the beginning. The only one I remember was a trip to Wild Rivers Water Park. We loved it, and it was a great way to get us to read.
Today I got a library card. Finally. I had thought about it every now and then but never remembered to apply for one-not that it is hard. But today was the day, and I can't believe how excited I got! It totally reminded me of going to the library when we were kids and coming home with stacks of book to peruse. Today I felt like that same little kid, looking up at the rows and rows of books, shelves twice my height.

I brought home 4 books...3 on photography, 1 on back pain (more out of curiosity for what it said than anything). I feel like such a nerd getting so excited about a library card but hey, I am going to embrace it!

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  1. The library is one of my most favorite places ever. The smell alone of the book pages is enough to make me happy. I love walking up and down the aisles - its like a treasure hunt!!! Like there are treasures inside those books. Over the last couple years I have been so torn with the idea of spending time reading. I could spend hours and hours blissfully reading, but then that's just it, I could spend hours and hours. So do I spend time reading? Or not reading?? Ugghhh. Also, I don't know that I would ever really replace my books with something like an Amazon Kindle. The books just smell so good, and I love turning the pages. Like a little love affair :)


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