Friday, August 27, 2010

Painted Sky

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as we gaze
Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears
I will take the hot weather if it means incredible sunsets like this! I have a huge amount of sunset photos stashed away. Ranging from San Francisco to Europe, up and down the west coast, Mexico, even Africa, and beyond. Each unique in its colors, the patterns of clouds, gradation in hues, and each feeling like a completely new experience. Some days the sunset brings nothing special and on some not even visible. But others, with the striking combination of pink, orange, blue, purple...look like someone swept the sky with bright watercolor paints and illuminated the scene from behind. I love the way the colors change from minute to minute, even after the sun is no longer visible. When most people leave after the sun disappears, I like to stay because it continues to change and develop. The most beautiful I have ever seen were in Africa. They did a lot of controlled burning of the brush, and the bright orange sun against the smoke created a breathtaking sight.
Sharing the experience of watching such beauty with someone is special & even romantic. I also feel a sense of security with the setting sun - the sun always sets, and the next day it always rises. With my back pain and current situation some days are more challenging than others. But just as the light is swept away so is the day, wiping clean our slates with promise of a new day, a fresh start. Just like the above lyrics say, the days come and go quickly, bringing the good and the bad, and something great can happen overnight. When my days are too much to handle I can take assurance in that once I see the sunlight begin to fade, I know I made it through the day and cross my fingers for the next. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and my seedlings will turn to sunflowers and my pain will be gone...or if that is aiming to high, I hope to have a nice day spent with someone I love, make someone laugh, take a great photo, and if I am lucky...see another sunset like this! Because with such a magnificent sight as this, what a sweet, special, & beautiful way to end the day.

*lyrics from "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof
*Photos taken at Pines Park, Dana Point, CA

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  1. Beautiful Chels, your photographs and your words! I feel like I am never available to watch the sunsets hardly anymore... It will all change someday. Sunsets are amazing!!!


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