Sunday, August 29, 2010

Warm Fuzzies & Half-Heartedness

Things I am loving (warm fuzzies):

♥ Anything involving summer fruit. Peach pies, berries & more berries, plums, stone fruit crisps, favorite part of summer I think.
♥ picnics at the beach with Brent.
♥ Farmer's Market. A treat for all the senses, and love all the dog- and people-watching.
♥Oreos and milk. I was never a huge fan, and then I discovered the peanut butter Oreos. But even better is regular Oreos, spread with peanut butter, and dunked in milk until soggy.
♥ On a real sweets kick lately, good thing I am underweight and supposed to be gaining back my weight.
♥ Costco! Where else can I buy a 72 oz bag of chocolate chips for $7, a 48 oz container of cream cheese for $6, and a 10-pack boz of Oreos for $7, and a huge container of strawberries for $6. (P.S. all the bad stuff was for a recipe)
♥ This blog I stumbled on The Pioneer Woman. Why has it taken me so long to find this? She blogs about cooking, photography, and some other things, takes beautiful photos, and when she posts a recipe, she actually includes a lot of helpful photos. It is much harder for me to cook something without seeing at the very least the end result. She has photo tips and tutorials, she is witty, loves her family...AH! I think I am in love.
♥ Sesame Crepes from Trader Joe's. Good plain, even better with cream cheese, amazing with cream cheese and jam.
"Despicable Me"! My new favorite animated movie
The Glass Castle was such a good book, finished it in about a week. Not depressing like I thought it would be. Really enjoyed it! I thought it was really inspiring.

Not loving (half-Hearted)
♥ All the reality shows about families with a zillion babies. For the most part it doesn't bother me so much that some parents have a bunch of kids, I understand there are fertility problems and sometimes multiples is a result of the treatments. But does it mean that I can just pop out 6 babies and automatically qualify for a reality show? Hmm...maybe my mind is on the wrong path for career choices?
♥ Cold showers. I don't care how hot it is outside, I need at least some warmth to my showers. Do not, I repeat, do NOT take hot showers for granted!
♥ Rude pharmacists. It seems like lately the pharmacy people (I won't mention which one) have been so incredibly unfriendly. I know you are busy, you probably hate your job, and are sick of getting yelled at all day. But when I greet you with a smile and I am nothing but nice to you, don't I deserve a smile back or at the very least not treated like a drug addict when you hand my pain pills? You don't know my story.


  1. How did I not know about peanut butter oreos??? Oh my goodness!

    I also LOVED The Glass Castle. Have you read Water for Elephants? I read them around the same time and I loved them both.

  2. I remember writing a super long comment to this post!! Guess google lost it :(


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