Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Five

{Happy Friday everyone! I picked you some flowers}

I have a new idea for Fridays on my blog..."Friday Five" or "Five Heart Friday" or "High Five for Friday Five" (Ok I'm laughing...toooo cheesy!) What do you think? How it will work... I'm thinking it will just be five of anything and everything. We will see where it goes!

This first Friday of September and the first "Friday Five" thing... I am putting a positive spin on 5 negatives: It is my opinion and experience that no matter how awful/stressful/maddening/ unfair/confusing the situation at hand is, there is almost always a positive component.

♥ 1: Cold Showers and infrequent showers due to broken water heater = No lice!
I saw a story on Nightline about lice. Turns out, one sure-fire way to prevent what they are now calling "Super Lice" is to not wash your hair. So I may smell, but at least I will be lice-free!
(Don't worry I am showering...they are just freezing, and my hair isn't getting washed as frequently)

♥ 2: Inability to work or attend school due to my back = free time to teach myself things like photography, ins & outs of football, and cooking/baking how-tos

♥ My last super-painful, lots-of-complications knee surgery = I met the love of my life

♥ Starting physical therapy again soon = I get to swim again!
Nothing agains regular PT, but I wouldn't exactly call it fun. But this time I will be giving Aquatic therapy a try, which does sound fun. I was a swimmer until I was sick, and even though it has been absent from my life for 10 years, I still miss it to this day.

♥ Losing 30 pounds due to pain & stress = I can pretty much eat anything I want! Mmm food!

Want to play? Leave me a comment turning 5 negatives into 5 positives. They can be yours, the world's, your family's, the President's, God's, a concept, a rules here! Even if it isn't done on Friday that is okay. This is my first time too, so with each Friday will come tweaks, changes, and hopefully something I like! So join know you want to. No blog required!

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