Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years ago...

I have only had one migraine in my life. 9 years ago to the day.

9 years ago from today was just supposed to be another day for me as a freshman in high school. I had a biology test scheduled that morning, and I was with my dad that week. My average day:
6:00 AM, alarm
7:00 AM leave the house to be dropped off by my dad for school at
7:20 AM school starts
2:35 PM final bell, picked up to go home.

This morning was different.
5:00 AM woke up with the worst headache I have ever had. Ever. Felt like my head was going to split in two and I still remember the feeling.
5:05 AM got out of bed, and my dad was already awake. So we turned on the news I popped some advil and sprawled on the couch. I was a good little student and worried about missing my test, so I was determined to get to school (weird kid huh?).
5:46 the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center
6:00 call from my mom, she was on vacation visiting my grandparents in New York, her first ever trip to New York. We received a call from her shortly after that she was fine, a good distance from the site.

9 years ago and I still remember exactly how I felt. The pain from my headache got progressively worse, and when I tried to speak, I could not formulate words-it came out as gibberish. I feared for my mom. I thought about all the people affected. I was overwhelmed with thinking about how scared I would feel had I been on that airplane. Given my lack of worldly knowledge after little exposure while sick, I didn't know exactly who made the attack and wondered who they were and why they would do something like this. I wondered and feared what would happen next. I thought about my biology test and wondered if it would even be given (it wasn't, classes mostly watched news all day).

I hope I never again wake up with a migraine.
Sending love & hearts to all the scars produced from this devastation. Remember, scars carry with them a story of survival and fight, and like the scars themselves get stronger, heal, and eventually fade, so can the pain associated.

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  1. I can relate. Not to the migraine part, but both of my parents worked in NYC. They were both there that day. I was across the country living in San Diego at the time. My DH was in Guam. He called me after the first plane hit. After that I sat there with my new baby on my lap, staring at the TV in disbelief as this unfolded before my eyes. Worrying and wondering if my parents were ok and what in the WORLD was going on!


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