Friday, September 10, 2010

10 on 10

10 Photos for the 10th of September.
1 photo every hour for 10 consecutive hours, here was my day!
{8:30} Breakfast of cinnamon-raisin english muffin and fresh-squeezed tangerine juice
{9:30} Getting ready for the day, makeup & hair
{10:30} Greeted by Jazz just before I leave, "Meoooooowwww!" (Translation - "Don't go!")
{11:30} Dermatologist appointment
{12:30} My aquatic therapy appointment
{1:30} Those are my feet!
{2:30} Shopping for birthday gifts at the Irvine Spectrum
{3:30} Not so much shopping as watching and wandering
{4:30} Leaving the Irvine Spectrum to go home
{5:30} Welcomed home with l♥ve. Also, we visited Brent's dad in the
hospital at the end of the day after he had a stent inserted for his heart.

Phew! Particularly long day for me. Happppppy Friday! ♥


  1. Phewwww... that does sound like a crazy day. I hope all is well with the new stent - eekkkk!
    Great shots :D

  2. Your ten on ten pics were great. this was my first 10 on 10 too. I loved reading through your blog. You have an amazing story and you tell it well.

  3. I want to go lap swimming so bad now!

  4. We went to Irvine Spectrum several times while visiting a friend at Irvine College Campus in 2008. We love love love southern Califirnia!!! ;)


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