Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall's just around the corner...

It is the second week of September. September! Seems like it was just turning into summer and I was dreaming of s'mores, barbecues, and the beach. And now I am surrounded by school supplies, kids going back to school, & commercials for new clothes. But Fall is by far my favorite season and I can't wait! Only 13 more days!

And then there is me. It has been a weird two years, with no school or work or really any schedule to adhere to other than my doctor's appointments and working around Brent's schedule. It feels like I have been on a 2 year-long summer break, minus the break. Sure I have had my share of fun...trips, parties, time with friends and family, weddings, concerts, tons of time with Brent, etc. But it is like wearing sunglasses in a museum-sure you can see, but it is a little darker, not quite as clear, and you can't appreciate the beauty of the art in the same way. Everything is a little tainted by my pain and discomfort, but it is what it is.

It's time for back to school, and I am taking classes.
Well, not real ones, self-taught classes at the school of Chelsea
Here is my schedule:
♥ Cooking 101
♥ Football for idiot girls who are completely lost while watching football with their boyfriends
♥ Photography (haven't decided what level I am at yet...)

Basically, Emily is taking a baking class at the community college. She has this huge book about baking and cooking and what I have read so far was fascinating. I am really excited to finally understand the why's of cooking and especially baking. I bet I could improve drastically if I understand why you add certain ingredients and the science behind it all. Can you see me getting all bubbly and excited??

Okay the football is a different story. I have never understood the game AT ALL. But I want to, I really really do. Brent is a huge sports fan, especially football, and watches a ton of it. But when you are just watching players run and throw and tackle for three straight hours without actually knowing why those things are happening and what the heck is going on? gets pretty dang boring. But I honestly do want to enjoy the game, be able to follow it and cheer on his teams alongside him with true excitement. But boy oh far this is one borrrrring book. Any tips?

And photography, well I am like a kid in a candy store at disneyland who just saw Santa Clause and the easter bunny on the same day. On Christmas morning. If you didn't quite get that, I am happy. Excited. Eager to learn. Curious. Giddy. I took a photojournalism class at SFSU and learned a lot, but have no forgotten a lot of it. Now as I am looking through my old textbook, library books, and some other photo books I have purchased over the years for inspiration, a lot is coming back to me, but I am also learning a ton of new info. I am also finding amazing photographers online, communities of photographers, clubs, photo blogs and teaching blogs, and I am seriously in heaven. I actually started a Project 365-one picture every day for 1 year. I will post on that later, and actually show you what I have done so far, but the time is not quite right yet. But soon. soon.

Feels good to be learning, studying, disciplining myself.

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  1. I have often thought the photographs you post are lovely! I think you have an eye for photography and can't wait to see your work as you learn more and more:) Your classes sound fun! I am right there with you on the football one... not sure I am ready to learn yet, though. I am usually sitting there with a book while he watches when I am not chasing around little ones.


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