Friday, September 24, 2010

Embodiment of Joy

{Looking so innocent and sweet}

Last week I was at my mom's house and saved a hummingbird from the household hunter, Boone the cat. You can see the post here. Brent's mom is an animal lover, and I have heard countless stories of how she has saved and nursed back to health creatures of all kinds. One time she almost brought home a group of ducklings when she saw them without their mom; they fostered an entire litter of puppies; and one time rescued a dove from their cat, and Brent and I had the pleasure of watching it during a weekend they were out of town (it unfortunately did not make it).

That being said, I immediately thought of Colleen when I was rescuing this tiny bird. I texted her and her response was wonderful:

I'm in Fallbrook still and one of the cats caught a hummingbird. I made sure it was okay, took it down the street and he flew away. Saved it! I thought of you when I was doing it, thought...Colleen would be proud!

That feels good, doesn't it. Native Americans saw the hummingbirds as the embodiment of joy. In their worldview, your experience would represent a special meaningful encounter. I hope for you that in some way it represents the release of more joy in your life, Chelsea, as youcontinue to feel more strong and healthy in upcoming days and weeks.

I met Brent's parents after we had only been dating a few weeks, because he had just graduated from PT school and was temporarily living with them until he found his own place. But I am so lucky that I get along with them so well, and they have always made me feel so welcome into the family.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that about hummingbirds! What a wonderful response - I am thrilled to hear that you get along so well. Boone - he has such an interesting face! Such features, so majestic. Prrr :)


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