Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coffee Date-An Autumn kind of weekend

Hey it's Tuesday! Time for our weekly coffee date. The last Tuesday of October, that's weird. If we were meeting for coffee this morning, I would make myself a really strong latte because last night was a bad night. Then I would offer you some of the pumpkin snack cake I made. Yum!

At our coffee date I would tell you about my weekend, my fabulous weekend. Saturday night we attended the 27th Annual "Bid for the Kids" put on by PCRF-Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Brent's best friend Jordan is very involved in the organization and his dad is this year's president. A fancy evening with a live auction, silent auction, magic show, live band, dancing, etc. etc. They raised a huge amount of money and it was very special to be a part of!
Sunday we invited Jordan and his girlfriend Kaitlin over for an evening of pumpkin carving and related festivities. It was perfect Autumn weather, crisp and cool. The house was filled with smells of cinnamon and pumpkin cake in the oven.
Wine, pizza, pumpkin carving, music, laughter, story telling and candy-eating. What could be better!
Pumpkins carved by: Jordan, Kaitlin, Brent, Me. Photos taken using the polaroid app on my iphone...thought I would try it out!

If we were meeting for coffee I would ask about your weekend. Is it raining were you are? I am still enjoying the sporadic rain, the overcast sky, and cool temps. What are your plans for Halloween? Are you eating lots of pumpkin baked goodies and candy? This will be a big weekend coming up...my birthday, the USC homecoming game and Halloween! Stay tuned and I will post the recipe for the delicious pumpkin streusel snack cake...it tastes a lot like coffee cake and is amazing in the morning with coffee, or for dessert!


  1. Your cake sounds delish! I almost feel like I'm sitting there carving the pumpkins smelling the bread with you guys! Great pumpkins too. Is USC for Carolina or Cali?

  2. oh, pumpkin carving, pizza and wine...that is MY kind of night! sounds fun! all things pumpkin sound good to me right now and we have been doing lots of baking lately...fall is in the air! have a great week and a happy birthday!

  3. Hi... I'm coming over from Amy's Virtual Coffee... Great pictures and nice to meet you! :)

  4. Chels, you are just so amazing... No, I have zero plans for Halloween and am not happy about that! We will see... Love the pumpkins! I still have to carve mine too! I wish it would rain more! I totally got Billy's cold, so I am not in any mood to bake or cook, so so sad :(

  5. Your pumpkins ROCK. I so stink at carving pumpkins. We don't have any big plans this weekend; not big Halloween people. Hopefully I'll be able to pull together a couple costumes for the kids or they'll be really sad.

    Thanks for the coffee! :)

  6. I'm gonna try to find some time to make the cake :) Skye's sister, Amoris, one of my best friends is coming into town. Her bday is on Halloween, so maybe it will be her bday cake? We are having a big party, I have to work, so my night will start a bit late. Got my costume yesterday, pirate beer wench :) What are you gonna be? xoxoxo


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