Monday, October 11, 2010

Coffee Date - Greek Style

::Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Are you enjoying fall? I sure am::

Coffee time. Lately I have been dreaming of traveling all over the world. Escaping for awhile to foreign countries, eating the best food I could find, and taking pictures to my heart's content. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world right now? I think I would choose Greece. The beautiful sea, the picturesque blue and white buildings, the food, and just the thought of it evokes feelings of calm, relaxation, and beauty. The Greek word for coffee is Kafes. So why not? Let's imagine we are on vacation together in Greece, find a local Cafe, sit outside and enjoy some Kafes and Baklava, soak in the sun, people watch, and of course, chat. If we were having coffee together I would tell you...
So yesterday I was making a smoothie. Frozen peaches leftover from summer, raspberries, banana, milk, ice, and protein powder. Sounds good! Pulled out raspberries one by one inspecting for any sign of mold before tossing into the blender. Pulled one out that had black inside and I assumed it was mold. However, upon further inspection, I realized it was a Pincher Bug. YES. Pincher Bug, Earwig, Forficula Auricularia...I don't care what you call it, it was inside my raspberry. At first, I was just a little grossed out by the idea that I could have ingested it, and the photographer in me had to get a picture of this sight. Held it up next to the window and in between clicks of the shutter, I could see through the lens that the bug started to move. I thought it was maybe just slipping out, but no...all the sudden that little thing starting crawling out, and fast! I yelped, threw it on the counter, and finally had to kill it - I should have ushered it outside but I panicked. PHEW! That was a weird 5 minutes. But my smoothie was tasty and I can say with confidence it was definitely Earwig-free. P.S. if you are wondering why the one on the right is blurry...when I saw it moving and threw it down, I had to get a photo but I was so flustered of course it didn't come out!
Saturday I took my computer to the doctor (a.k.a. the Apple store) because the trackpad kept freezing. Brent said I am lucky I have a cute face because a repair that is normally $350 was given to me for free. That would have been such a bummer! And it is working fine now.
Sunday San Clemente was hosting the SeaFest at the pier. It had all sorts of activities like surf contests, face painting, arts & crafts etc. but we went for the chowder. 16 restaurants and individuals cooked up their best clam chowder recipe, and the public could purchase $6 tickets to sample 5 chowders of their choosing. It was fun, they were all pretty different, one was even dyed pink for breast cancer awareness month. We headed to farmer's market, admiring the produce, the dogs, and the newly added pumpkins. We picked out 3 mini pumpkins, and afterward we bought more at Trader Joe's...6 more to be exact. We came home with TEN pumpkins. On 10/10/10! Ha. 4 large pumpkins-2 for carving and seed roasting, 2 of those big flat weird looking ones, plus 6 minis-a mixture of pumpkins and gourds. Neither Brent or I have ever bought that many pumpkins, but we were having a blast and his house is filled! Have you bought any pumpkins or other decorations yet?
Tonight we are going back to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine to see Jack Johnson. I am hoping it won't be as brutal as the Tom Petty concert, I think Jack Johnson fans are much more mellow than Tom Petty fans. So maybe less pushing, fighting, getting stepped on, and this time maybe bring a chair. And an ice pack for my back. I will let you know tomorrow how it was.
Did you see Dexter on Sunday? It was a really good is definitely getting back into things, and the previews for what is coming just makes me so nervous! But it's going to be a great season...Dex never disappoints.
How about this weather huh? Here in Crete, Greece it is a pleasant 86 degrees. Your turn, tell me about you.

After our chat it is back to reality, it is nice here in San Clemente too...typical Fall weather. ♥
I hope you have a great Tuesday!


  1. Greece would be my first choice, too. I am a tad obsessed with going...and have been for day!!!

    And that pincher bug? Ew. I hate bugs.

  2. What is it about those earwig bugs!! When they start moving it is just unnerving.
    How funny we bought the same amount of pumpkins too. Two for carving and two flat ones just like yours, and also mini ones.
    I really need to get out my Halloween stuff out, I've been lazy.
    Love that photo of the bee!!

  3. I went to Greece when I was in college and it was truly amazing. I would love to go back! I had an experience with a buggy creature this week too - thankfully just through pictures my husband took of the 8 legged monster! Now I wish I had some strong Greek coffee to enjoy while I visit the Virtual Coffee posts!

  4. Great photos! I'd go back to Italy. I went while I was in college, but it was such a rushed trip. I'd like to just hang out.

  5. I would love to be sitting in an outside cafe in Italy somewhere. But certainly wouldn't turn down Greece either! Really like the simplicity and cheer of the balloon photo, but LOVE the bee. Beautiful!

  6. I've been having those same dreams of traveling lately! Greece is on my list for sure.

    Those bugs in fruit are scary!


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