Friday, October 15, 2010

Picture Fall

I probably sound like a broken record, but I LOVE FALL.

As a way to document the season, I am participating in an online photo class called "Picture Fall." A daily photo prompt is accompanied with inspirational words of how to celebrate not only the season but ourselves as well. I feel I am appreciating and observing the subtle changes brought by fall in such a different way than any other year. I am picking up on the little details and seeing how they relate back to me. For today's Friday Five I wanted to include FIVE of my favorite photos taken so far for the project.

"Some seasons come on fast and furious while others take their own sweet time. Where Mother Nature is concerned, there's really no telling. Sometimes things just refused to be rushed.The same goes for our own hearts and minds. There's no way of knowing when we're ready to make changes, shed some skin, grow our wings or when we just need a little more time to hold on to what has been before. There's nothing wrong with that." -Tracey Clark, teacher of Picture Fall


  1. So so pretty Chels!! I LOVE the heart!

  2. i've been meaning to say i love that quote at the end gonna copy and paste it


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