Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Flashback

When I was growing up my mom always made our costumes. We decided what we wanted to be, then we would make a trip to the fabric store to search through the patterns and pick out fabrics. I always felt so lucky that she did this, I always had great costumes and got to dress up exactly the way I wanted!!
{Angel: age 1, minus the wings and halo because I kept ripping them off}
{Bumblebee: age 2}
{Clown: age 3}
{Princess: age 6. I was shown on the news with my first grade class. We all dressed up in our costumes and visited the local retirement home and made crafts with the residents}
{Pillsbury Dough Boy: age 11, I had a pillow in the apron for a belly and had a Pillsbury logo on the hat, but for some reason everyone thought I was a dead chef}
{Juliet: age 12, just months before I was diagnosed}

A few others I don't have photos of:
  • Pippi Longstockings, complete with red yarn wig that had wire in the braids to make them stick straight out, freckles, a dress sewn with patches all over, tights, and my moms gigantic boots.
  • A queen at age 4, and Nick was a king.
  • An elf. I had little elf-like shoes my mom sewed out of felt, and attached little bells on the ends. I had elf ears, a hat, and a little jumpsuit.

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