Monday, November 1, 2010

October Photo Hunt

During the month of October I was working on shooting 20 photos for a photo scavenger hunt. Checking the list on my phone to remind myself of the items on the list, I was on a 30-day hunt. Fun and challenging!!

1. In Disguise
2. Crisp
3. Fall Colors
4. Jack O'Lantern
5. A Shot from the Ground
6. A Landscape
7. A Fall Tradition
8. Books
9. Dining
10. Child/Children
11. Faces formed in Nature
12. Tilt-Shift Photography
13. Black & White with Selective Coloring
14. Bokeh
15. Best Photo Taken October 23rd
16. Something from the Kitchen
17. Something Vintage
18. Something Creepy
19. Something Golden
20. Self-Portrait
To see other participants' entries, click here.
Up to two archive photos can be used, the books and the landscape were not taken in October.


  1. You several really cool shots. I really like the composition of fall colors and jack o' lantern. I think my favorite is the paper cups photo. Here are mine:

  2. Wow!!!! They're all gorgeous!!! Love them! Even my favourite is the one with the paper cups... It's just so... colourful! That... and the stadium! :)

  3. There are too many incredible shots in this series to choose a favorite. You have done an amazing job!

  4. I agree with Ashley, as I looked down your photos I kept thinking "I can't choose a favourite", there are so many wonderful shots. Your tilt-shift worked really well, but there are so many others that I like too.

  5. Love all of them!! You have a great eye.

  6. All great shots, but I'm especially drawn to all the tilt-shift photos. I think your's is my favorite so far!

  7. I really love your blog and photography (found your blog from 10 on 10). Inspiring. I live in OC too so I like recognizing some of the familiar places you shoot. Love the tilt shift. How do you do that (do you mind me asking??)? Is it with the lens or post-processing or ???

  8. I really love your photos. You have a wonderful style. My faves (and I'm really having to edit myself), the bokeh, tilt-shift, disguise, in the kitchen...and OMG that pizza looks incredible.

  9. great shots! 14,15,16,18 are my faves!!

  10. i think my favorite is your selective coloring. just love the shadow in the picture!

  11. Grateshots, I love what you came up with for so many of the themes.

    My favs would be, bokah, best photo and kitction.

  12. Thank you everyone for all the kind!! I had so much fun with this, and appreciate the response, it is very encouraging!!

    Maya...that is very cool that you live in town, I will have to check out your photos as well, it is always fun to recognize places in others' photos! This was actually the first time I have heard of tilt-shift. It is done in post-processing, here is a tutorial:
    and a place where you can just plug in a photo and have it done for you:

    It is crazy how it looks like a miniature scene huh?

  13. Great collection! Love your shots for fall tradition, in the kitchen, and bokeh!

  14. Ahhh, that was your something from the kitchen? I saw it in the favorites, and I voted for it. It's so simple and sweet! :) Your in disguise was clever and made me chuckle. And your bokeh was just awesome! WHAT A SHOT.


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