Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Wishes, Thankful #3

For this week's Friday Five, I wrote a poem about five wishes. Enjoy! ♥

{Dandelion Wishes}

A dandelion is a weed

with a special power.

Wispy white and delicate

A little wishing flower.

Think of all you hope and wish

And close your eyes real tight.

Blow every last spore away

And wish with all your might.

I wish I were a kid again,

no worries and carefree.

Before all the big obstacles

Popped up in front of me.

I wish my body had no pain

Hips, back or even knees.

No aches, no pills, a good sleep

Can this come true please?

I wish I wasn’t bound by time

Seconds and hours moot,

Would let me do all I want

Before the day is through.

I wish I could travel the world

No place left unseen.

Not held back by time or money

Becoming a travel fiend.

I wish I knew which direction

for where to steer my life.

It’s hard not knowing where to go,

Photographer, nurse...housewife?

With all of my wishes wished

I watch them float away.

Just one more wish I have to make

That these come true some day.

And for "What I am Thankful For" Day 3, I am thankful for Fridays. Even though I am not working or in school, there is still something about that feeling of reaching the end of the week, knowing I have those two days to rest and relax and not worry about checking items off my to-do lists, and spending time with Brent.

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  1. Beautiful photos....beautiful poem! Love you!


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