Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Thankfuls #4 & #5

Did you ever play Head's Up Seven Up in elementary school?? Those rare southern California rainy days were exciting to me even as a kid, and I loved the change of staying inside during recess to play the game. I had a boyfriend in 2nd grade - Nick. During that year when we played this game, we would always choose each other so we always won. Little cheaters, yes, but we thought we were sneaky.
When living in San Francisco, I loved to walk in the rain. Most would grumble about the thought of taking public transportation and walking from class to class in the rain, yet I was in heaven. What's not to love?....

The smell
The feel
The cold, crisp air
Bundling up in coats and boots and scarves
Pleasing my inner-child and splashing through puddles
Coming back to the warmth of home
Changing into dry clothes, with a blanket and something warm to drink
For as long as I can remember I have always stated 'if I had it my way, it would rain every day and I would be happy'. And people have always responded by telling me I would get sick of it. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't. But perhaps it is good I live in a place where rain is an infrequent occurrence, because it makes me love and appreciate it that much more when it does drop in for a visit.
Thankful #4 - Today I am thankful for the rain. I can't help but smile when I wake up to the sound of rain. Whether you share my feeling or call me crazy, I am so very thankful for this simple pleasure nature gifts to me.

Thankful #5 - Today I am thankful that I live in southern California. I miss city life and there are many, many other places I am so curious about and am dying to see. But for now at least, I am thankful to be close to most of my family, close to the ocean, sandwiched between San Diego and Los Angeles. And I sure cannot complain about the weather, I feel pretty lucky to call this home. It makes me happy knowing that most people feel this way about the place they call home.


  1. Wonderful post - the photos are amazing.

  2. We were in San Clemente this weekend for a wedding.
    Boy was it pouring down on Saturday, and it was an out door wedding to boot!

  3. I remember visiting you in SF (the last time I came) and we walked down the hill onto south portal and it was pouring rain. We were going to plain janes, remember? We were soaked and I remember getting back to your apartment and draping my jacket and jeans over your desk so they could dry. It was fun looking back on it :) Because of you I appreciate the rain so much more. I still am not a fan of getting wet, but I have learned to deal since I do not own an umbrella!

    it is getting so cold at night.... the sheets are like ice when I get in. We have a mound of cats all night in various places - in between my legs, on our feet, under our arms.

    I am looking forward to Christmas this year - and trying to make is less about the gifts and more about the occasion.

    And yes... i do remember heads up 7 up VERY well. haha!


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