Thursday, December 16, 2010

Admiring the View

{Picture the Holidays - Day 5: The View From Here }
Get outside and capture what mother nature has dished up today.
Sometimes I feel like those of us living in California are frozen in time. While other areas of the country are experiencing a shift in the weather, drastically visible changes in the seasons, etc., the west coast is just trying to play catch up. While I was seeing other photographers' photos of snow and a visible shift toward winter, the leaves here in town were finally boasting vibrant colors and collecting in piles below the trees. I am not complaining by any means, on the contrary, I feel that I am that much more appreciative for the tiny changes I see, and it is exciting to seek them out!

{Reverb 10 - Day 5: Let Go}
What or whom did you let go of this year?
In November we were forced to put our cat Jazz to sleep to spare him from kidney failure after a full, happy 18 years. Although he was owned by my aunt/uncle/cousin, not me, Jazz was my cuddle buddy whenever I visited their house. He always remembered me, and as soon as I found a place to sit, he would be on my lap rubbing against my hand for attention. When I moved into their house 2 years ago, he spent countless hours keeping me company after my knee surgery, curled up in the crook of my arm always seeking and giving love. Letting go was the right thing to do, but we lost a member of our family. I miss the soft white fur, the purring against my chest, the loverubs against my hand, and the high-pitched meows. Goodbye, sweet sweet Jazz.

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