Friday, December 31, 2010

Hours to midnight

Hours to Midnight
by Chelsea Chamness

2010, goodbye my friend,
you left us rather fast.
Bittersweet is your retreat,
another year has past.

New days await as we create
new plans and goals and lists.
Full of steam and hopeful dreams
for a year of joy and bliss.
Fingers crossed as away we toss
what doesn't help us grow.
A farewell wave as we brave
the new year's ebb and flow.
As we embark on this new start
Remember all the smiles.
Friends around and love abound
Forget not the traveled miles.
Do not erase the hard days faced
throughout this recent year.
Learn and take from your mistakes
with optimistic cheer.
2010, goodbye my friend,
midnight is so close.
January first we'll be immersed
in a celebratory toast.

Happy New Years to everyone! ♥


  1. happy, happy new year to you too.... i have some of those "a new road ahead" from soolip in la ... and gave a few out in the shop. did you find that at soolip? so love your blog. suz @ grow.

  2. Happy New Year! This such a wonderful poem you wrote there.
    Thanks for playing along today over at Mortal Muses.

  3. What wonderful words and perfectly matched images! Happy new year!

  4. great words and great photographs.

  5. What beautiful words and great photos to go with them! Have a wonderful 2011!

  6. I'm visiting from the 365 day project. Your photos for December were beautiful. I enjoyed the lights the most. Happy New Year!

  7. Hours to Midnight is wonderful. thanks for sharing such inspiration. your photos are lovely too - I really like the happy yellow. I'm stopping by from the 365 project too, wishing you a year of many great, fun, fantastic photos. Happy New Year.

  8. Oh, I love this. Met you on Picture Winter! Happy 2011.

  9. Beautiful words and photos. Thank you! I found you via Picture the Holidays/Winter. I look forward to seeing more there and here!! Happy new year!

  10. i love this, very well done! Happy New year to you...i hope it's a great one!

  11. Happy New Year Chels! I love this poem and the pictures are amazing...

  12. I love this poem and the pictures you have put with them. Thank you! I found your blog from your Aunt Carol. What a blessing!

  13. Suz...yes most of the word photos are from your shop. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your stuff :)

  14. A wonderful post full of thought. That blue photo with the words that seem to scroll is fantastic. I love your photographic eye.


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