Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

New Years Day 2011. Woke up to a chilly but beautiful day. We wrapped our cold fingers around mugs of homemade lattes, silently perking up with each sip. Still in our pajamas, we threw on jackets and hats, and took a stroll along the path above the beach. Clear blue skies, crisp air, and a quietness that comes with the reflection of the new year. We passed a few pensive others, I like to think their heads were stirring with happy memories of 2010 and intentions for 2011.
January 2nd, I awoke to stormy skies and feeling hopeful for what is to come during this year. Excited for the goals I have set for the year, and for the ways in which I hope to make a great year for myself. Today I was focusing on really taking everything in and appreciating every last little bit of my life. When a negative thought popped into my head, I pushed it out of my mind and took a deep breath. I reminded myself that sometimes it as simple as taking a breather, focusing on the positive, and telling myself everything will be okay. I hope this will become a habit.


  1. The rain is magical... like and does wonders for renewing the mind xo

  2. I love the shadow photo. Perfect! And I love the story along with it. Let's hear it for pajama shadows!


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