Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mission [99%] Complete

For fun, my mom and I each made our own "To-Do" lists for Fall. Even though the December holidays are in full swing, it is still officially Fall. I completed the final item last night, and still within limits! There were 17 items on it, and I proud for completing every last one. (Well one failed but I still tried...more on that below) I took photos to document proof, some were taken quickly with my iphone so they aren't great, but I have proof for all!

1. Carve a Pumpkin
2. Roast pumpkin seeds
3. Learn to make mom's stuffing
4. Celebrate mom and my birthdays
5. Photograph spiderwebs
6. Drink hot chocolate
7. Make hot apple cider from scratch
Recipe here, I cooked it for at least an hour, and added chopped apples and Tuaca
8. Make fondue
See my recipe for easy cheese fondue here
9. Buy kettle korn from the Farmer's Market
It always smells soo good but I never get it. We bought and it took it to a movie
10. Bake something with pumpkin
Pumpkin streusel snack cake, recipe here
11. Bake a pie
I baked two actually, the pecan below and a mixed berry. One for Thanksgiving with
my family and the other for Thanksgiving with Brent's family.
12. Eat beef stew
My mom makes delicious beef stew, I was lucky enough
to be at her house when she made some!
13. Make caramel apples
14. Order a pumpkin spice latte
15. Make homemade caramel corn
My mom and I made it together, both our first time, we added cashews.
It was easy, so delicious, and kept fresh for a really long time. Recipe here.
16. Make soup
A recipe from my mom, picante cheese and broccoli soup.
Spicy, and served with bread. Yum!
17. Try making cinnamon rolls from scratch

Okay, #17. When I originally made the list, it did say "try" not just "make." I did not do this intentionally, I think I only put it because I have never made them before. I have been drooling over Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for a long time. Well I finally got everything to make them and it was an epic fail. I either had bad yeast or just made it completely wrong (can we blame it on the yeast? because the directions were not difficult and don't want to feel like a moron), but the dough did not rise. just stayed put in the pan under that towel stubbornly refusing to rise. So, can I still cross it off my list if I tried?

Did you have a Fall "to-do" list? NOW I can transition into winter! ♥


  1. Joy! What amazing things! I remember my mom used to make caramel corn for our birthday parties - cuz it was cheap and everyone loved it! I would love to try that. I want to try making Cinnamon rolls too - its a Christmas tradition with Billys family to have homemade cinnamon rolls. And while my mom does not make them from scratch we always have Cinnamon rolls (and chocolate milk) on Christmas morning. Double Joy!! One day when I am not working like a crazy person I will make an awesome list just like yours!

  2. I'm drooling. If you need another member of the family to taste stuff, I am your girl.


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