Friday, December 10, 2010

Pearl and Buns

The weather is changing. We may not have the snow and ice and rain the rest of the country is facing, but the drop in temperature is calling for scarves, boots and coats. Meet Grandma Pearl and Buns the French Bulldog, both greeting the weather in style.
My grandma Pearl is 90 years old going on 30. She is never seen without her rings, bracelets and necklace upon necklace. She has an entire closet bigger than my bedroom, filled with beautiful clothes and jewelry. A New York native, she was steeped in fashion and still exudes elegance and style.
This is Buns. While out Christmas shopping I made a stop at the Pannikin, a local coffee and tea house for a latte. Sitting outside with owner Lance, Buns looked so cute and elegant with the fur collar.


  1. Ha!! I have never met her!! Where does she live?? And Buns, although very cute, his leash looks like a noose :(


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